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The following illustrations can be used for educational purposes. The illustrations in this gallery are compiled in a set of 20 PowerPoint slides (download) for use in presentations. Explanatory notes are included in image captions.
Corn Root Extension with Mycorrhizal FungiCorn Root Growth Increase with Radish Cover Crop RotationMicrobe Distribution on Plant and Animal SurfacesNitrogen Fixation and MicrobesSoil Compaction MitigationSoil CompactionSoil Microbes and Bio ActivitiesSoil ToolboxSoybeans and Cereal Rye Cover CropSwiss Army Knife_Cover Crop IllustrationThe Amazing World of Soil Microbes 1The Amazing World of Soil Microbes 2The Amazing World of Soil Microbes 3The Amazing World of Soil Microbes 4Water and Soil Particles Soluble P Accelerated by Microbes Reactions

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